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Pulsetic vs Statuspage Atlassian: the breakdown

Websites go down for all kinds of reasons. It’s inevitable; at some point, it will happen to your site too. And it’s essential you’re the first one to know.

Pulsetic monitors your uptime from 15 locations around the world, giving you and your customers beautiful, real-time updates in every language.

But there’s another reason people looking for a Statuspage Atlassian alternative come to Pulsetic: the functionality you get for your money.

Let’s compare the two.

  • Beautiful status badges

    Beautiful status badges

    Unlike Statuspage Atlassian, Pulsetic gives you a white labeled badge showing your service availability in real time - on any page you like. You can customize it to your brand in minutes: colors, fonts, symbols, text, and backgrounds. And if you need more freedom to make it yours, you can use Custom CSS instead.

  • Beautiful status badges

    30 second uptime checks 

    Statuspage Atlassian and Pulsetic can both check things are OK every 30 seconds, depending which plan you choose. If you want to, though, you can also space out the intervals between checks.

  • Support for every language 

    Support for every language

    Statuspage Atlassian works in English - and only English. The world’s 6 billion people who don’t speak English need a Statuspage Atlassian alternative. Pulsetic, on the other hand, supports every language on earth: from Spanish to Swahili. So wherever your customers are, you can let them know what’s happening.

    “Pulsetic is super easy to use and fast. The UI is very simple and clean, and it offers all the right features. The status page design is also great, and we really liked the fact that we could set up alert notifications in multiple channels (SMS/calls, email, slack, webhooks etc.)”

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Pricing: Pulsetic vs Statuspage Atlassian

  • Free plans

    Statuspage Atlassian’s free plan ​​gives you access to 100 subscribers, 25 components, email notifications and Slack notifications. On Pulsetic’s free plan, though, you’ll get unlimited, full-featured status pages, as well as custom domains.

  • Starter plans

    On the cheapest paid plan ($29/month), Statuspage Atlassian gives you 250 subscribers and basic customization. Pulsetic’s alternative to Statuspage Atlassian is better value; for $9/month you’ll get complete customization for your status page and badges, as well as notifications for up to 1,000 subscribers.

  • Pro plans

    If you need to know what’s happening by voice call, Pulsetic is the best Statuspage Atlassian alternative. Pulsetic’s Pro plan gives you 100 credits for SMS and voice call alerts; with Statuspage, you’ll get unlimited SMS alerts but no voice call functionality. Pulsetic Pro also lets you work with up to 20 teammates, compared with 10 on Statuspage Atlassian.

Feature comparison

Pulsetic Pulsetic





Better Stack

Statuspage Atlassian

Free trial

Free Plan

Free Plan

30 days

Free Plan

7 days

Free Plan

Free Plan










Phone call alerts

SMS alerts

Email alerts

Slack alerts

Telegram alerts

Zapier alerts

MS teams alerts

Webhooks alerts

Discord alerts

Twilio alerts

Integration with SIGNL4


Choice of Regional data centers

Customized responses

Customized colors

Customized logo

Customized domain

Customized status page layout

CSS customization

Page translations

Remove branding


Status updates for subscribers via email

Port monitoring

Domain monitoring

SSL monitoring

IP monitoring


See response times

Maintenance windows

Custom HTTP requests

Page speed analysis



Live chat support

Check time

30 sec

60 sec

60 sec

60 sec

60 sec

30 sec


And there’s more in Pulsetic’s free plan…

  • Find why your site is slow

    See where your site is loading slowly

    We’ll check your website response times from different locations around the world, so you know if there’s an issue in a particular region.

  • Find why your site is slow

    Alerts wherever you want them

    Pulsetic lets you know the moment your site is down, through Slack, Telegram groups, Webhooks, email, SMS or voice call.

  • Find why your site is slow

    Never let your SSL expire again

    We’ll let you know when it’s time to update your SSL certificate - so you can renew it before customers are seeing error messages.

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