Build trust in your brand with beautiful, customizable status pages

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Let customers know about website incidents with real-time updates that build trust in your brand.

  • Make sure everyone’s in the loop
    Make sure everyone’s in the loop

    Report problems and keep customers up to speed on what's happening with your service, so you can maintain all-important trust in your brand.

  • Customize status pages with no coding
    Customize status pages with no coding

    Your website, your brand. Use your logo, banner image, typeface, brand colors and more to create a status page that looks like yours — with simple, no-code customization.

  • Update customers in your language
    Update customers in your language

    With Pulsetic, you can share updates in any language, including your website status page, uptime history, and subscriber notifications.

  • Get set up in minutes
    Get set up in minutes

    In just a few clicks, you can create a beautifully branded status page on your subdomain. You only need to set up a single CNAME record, customize your page, and you're done!

  • No more duplicate support tickets
    No more duplicate support tickets

    Communicating proactively means you can avoid a flood of duplicate support inquiries whenever there’s an issue. With Pulsetic, you can send consistent messages across your channels of choice.

  • Send notifications to subscribers
    Send notifications to subscribers

    If something’s happening, make sure everyone’s being updated. You can send as many notifications as you want; the only limit is the number of subscribers.

  • Prove your reliability
    Prove your reliability

    With the Uptime Status bar, you can showcase your uptime over a period of your choice, reassuring your customers you’ll be there when they need you.

  • Resolve incidents faster with your team
    Resolve incidents faster with your team

    With Pulsetic, you can add members of your team to your account and collaborate on the work you need to do to get back up and running.

  • Choose what’s appear on your page
    Choose what’s appear on your page

    You’re in control: decide which elements of your service should be on your status page and order them however you like.

  • Private status pages
    Private status pages

    If you need to, Pulsetic lets you keep your uptime status within the business: you can hide status page visibility and restrict access to your team or other trusted users.

  • Better communication.
    Happier customers.

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"Tens of thousands of business owners from around the world rely on our service, and Pulsetic is the best platform there is to ensure we communicate any downtimes clearly and swiftly to our customers to avoid panic and disappointment. Getting setup on Pulsetic not only been smooth and easy but super joyful too, the design is stunning and customisable unlike any other monitoring platform we’ve used."

Leo Bassam

Leo Bassam

Founder, CEO at Plutio

"There's an easy way for you to monitor your online project. After all the hard work you have put into going live, you want to make sure that things keep running smoothly while you focus on the next project."

Chris Kalmar

Chris Kalmar

Founder at nineLemon

"Pulsetic is super easy to use and fast. The UI is very simple and clean, and it offers all the right features. The status page design is also great, and we really liked the fact that we could set up alert notifications in multiple channels."

Akis Laopodis

Akis Laopodis

Founder of HelpfulDocs

"The monitoring tool we've been waiting for. Super easy to set up monitoring, customizable status page design, and access to notifications across Slack, email and SMS. Pulsetic is awesome."

Andrei Negrau

Andrei Negrau

CEO at

"Pulsetic helps us monitor all of our websites and webapps over at Before we used it, we had no idea how often services (e.g. heroku) were offline. Now we have complete control over it."

Till Carlos

Till Carlos

Founder at

"Using Pulsetic is a big win for us! Our dev team can now deliver faster, with zero time spent monitoring our website uptime. Plus the interface is great and analytics proper."

Razvan Popescu

Razvan Popescu

Head of Marketing at AbstractAPI

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