We alert you when your website is down

Get website downtime alerts by phone call, SMS, email or Slack if your website is down. Create beautiful status pages & incident management reports and keep your visitors updated.

No credit card required, seriously.

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  • Startups

    You’ve just launched your project, and want to minimise risk of downtime

  • Business

    You need to avoid lost revenue from a website outage

  • E-Commerce

    You need to keep your online retail business running 24/7

  • Developers

    You need advanced settings to set up requests and responses

  • Monitor from around the world

    Pulsetic now monitors from more data centers around the world to guarantee redundancy and localize outages. We'll show in which part of the world your website is down or slow.

    • Get detailed regional information, like uptime or response time

    • Avoid false positives alerts if one data center loses connection

    • Know when your website is down in a certain region

  • Get alerts in a way you prefer

    When your site is down, we send notifications in a way that suits you so you can act as fast as possible and minimise any downtime. Receive instant alerts via email, SMS, Slack and more to you and your teammates.






  • Beautiful public status pages

    Create public status pages to show how your website is performing. A status page is a way of communicating between you and your customers. Customize colors, add your logo or even link your custom domain. Send status updates via an email to your Status page subscribers.

We offer more opportunities
for an affordable price

Monitor website speed

We check response times from different locations to know which is the fastest and which is the slowest.

Customize requests

We offer full request customization, including setting headers, request types, response timeout and many more...

Update website as usual

We have maintenance windows. This means you can schedule when you update your website and we won't check it during this period of time.

Full reports

We have comprehensive reports for the past 30 days available to you, including information for every single request.

  • Your SSL certificates are monitored

    Forgot to renew your SSL certificate and customers got an ugly security error? We monitor the expiration date and notify you when it's time to update your certificate. Don't lose visitors because of an expired SSL certificate. Get notified before expiration, so you have time to renew.

Work in a team, control
the status pages privacy

  • Subscribers

    Real time updates for customers about a current incident or maintenance, in email notifications.

  • Teammates

    Invite your teammates to projects to share dashboards and alerts as an Admin, Editor or Viewer.

  • Password Protected

    Make your internal status pages private and protect everything with a unique password.

Make it yours with
personalized Status Pages

  • Event History

    View history of previous events.

  • Custom Domain

    Replace the Pulsetic link with your domain.

The journey begins here

  • Statuspage


    / mo

    Hosted status pages




    / mo

    Uptime monitor for 100 websites

  • $39

    / mo

    You + 20 Teammates

    100 Monitored Websites

    Custom Status Pages

    10 Region Checks

    100 SMS / Voice Calls Alerts


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10 monitors, unlimited status pages and custom domains included! For unlimited time and unlimited email alerts.

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